Jahotec is a professional and multi-talented manufacturer of various equipment, e.g.:

Production lines

  • Dosing lines
  • Labelling lines
  • Capping lines
  • Cutting lines for e.g. zinc ropes
  • Extrusion lines
  • Production lines for roof elements
  • Profile cutting and perforating lines
  • Packaging lines
  • Storage conveyors for elements
  • Storage system for sockets
  • Timber drilling machine
  • Conveyors

Production tools

  • Assembly jig for slide
  • Lifting and turning devices for windows
  • Press tools for e.g. aluminum sockets, nail plates
  • Cutter tools
  • Assembly tools, e.g. screw drivers
  • Bottle and jar turners
  • Capper and applier for plastic jam jar production line
  • Lid presser
  • Calibration and measurement equipment


Machine vision applications
with 2D and 3D cameras

  • Quality control
  • Measuring
  • Item location control
  • Color control
  • Part inspection of product
  • Tape inspection
  • Cap inspection
  • Label inspection


Cutter tool

Rope line

Window lifting device

Staircase. Steel structure, steps of birchwood. Rails of stainless steel and laminated glass.